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Blurb – 

After surviving the onslaught of week one, Lucius has something to prove. He seeks to train under a living legend in hopes of being ready for the goblin siege.

He isn’t the only one looking to train. As his competition grows in strength, he must push himself harder than ever before.

Then, the unexpected happens. Players start to unlock abilities…

There is only one thing to do when facing impossible odds. Train harder!

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The Teams Reviews as follows

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Review 1 

“Codename Freedom: Goblin Siege” is a great story that’s setting the foundations for a great series. As “‘Week One” was an introduction into the game world Codename: Freedom, “Goblin Siege” starts fleshing that world out.

The plot was a bit slow in the beginning due to the emphasis on physical and martial training. However, the details of that training and how Thorne involves the reader into the MC’s internal strife due to a prior injury, both physically and psychologically, from book one make up for that early slow plot and more. It’s because of that detail you’re able to really connect with the main character, Lucius. You want to see him become more than just a semi-pro gamer.

Once the plot starts rolling Freedom takes on whole new, enjoyable twists. Out-of-game intrigue, in-game intrigue and a few other surprises that I don’t want to spoil. Maybe I will spoil one thing, rival(s). Singular or plural, you’ll have to read for yourself! Also, Lucius’s banter with Victoria and Kline does not disappoint.

My Score – 9/10

Review 2 

I felt the story hooked me in, it started with a prologue that had me trying to figure out how the elements described would fit into the rest of the book. When the main body of the book starts we get thrown right into activity and how the main character thinks.

To me the MC was relatable, it was all about how can I be the best, even though I get close and then others take a huge leap ahead. He did falter and let his emotions get in the way but he realized how and why he needed to control them. His goal is literally to be the best, and eventually it became being my best also means helping my friends and others. The book focused on his inner turmoil as well as the turmoil he felt with others. I do wish the antagonist who was brought in in the middle was developed or brought back more towards the end, the antagonist that is eluded to in the whole book was never really introduced. The antagonists that the book is named after was handled well and played a large portion in how the book developed.

This book had me wanting to turn the page, even though the beginning and roughly middle of the book if explained would seem like it wouldn’t be a fun read, the author kept the book interesting and changing, he did this by showing us the thoughts and the realizations behind the decisions the MC made when faced with problems. There were times where the book started to slow down but they didn’t last long, the author did well in throwing a twist or a new development that would bring you back in full swing, Even during the “grind” section of the book the author skimmed over parts and time frames that would have brought the book to a flow halt. The chapters were not abrupt endings and seemed to flow well into the next one. I kept telling myself just finish this chapter but then I was always lead to want to keep reading. The author does well to not just dump backstory from book one into this book, it is introduced when a returning reader could use a refresher with enough detail that a reader picking up book 2 would be able to discern why it was important.

I do feel the book does deliver other than that the prologue is really only brought back as a teaser for the next installment, there is some eluding to it throughout the book, but the author is also eluding that it could be a different antagonist leading that plot string that really never developed. The book also delivers for those wanting world building, from the early days of a guild to the full compliment a guild can bring.

I feel that some of the grammer/editing issues took me out the book and I was required to stop and re-read a line, it was nothing major and nothing huge just a few missed/misused words or phrases.

This book was eye opening and enlightening as you watch the MC and his companions grow to be the best they can, during set backs and emotional outbreak, you learn how they over come them. There are some life lessons to be learned in the way the MC trains and how he over comes some of his flaws. The secondary and ancillary characters are well thought out and well introduced, they add to the story but keep the focus on the main character.

I would recommend this book to those who are looking for a good kick start into Gamelit as it had the stats, the character progression that I have come to expect. Character development and progression was relatable and organic. A well written book with very little real life plots, the book takes place solely inside a game system where the characters are locked in for a year, to test out a new style of training and growth, from pro gamers to pro athletes. The two different type of participants don’t necessarily meld at the beginning but they grow to be a strong force together. Some political intrigue, world building, plot twists a plenty and a strong character development brings this book full circle and leaves me asking, what happens next.

My score – 7.5/10

Review 3

I really enjoyed the story. The main character must work for everything he gets and he is never the strongest in the world. He puts in constant work to achieve a level on par with the other players that he befriends.

The character shows real depth in that he has character flaws he struggles to deal with and overcome. He works to get stronger physically as well as mentally throughout the story.

It was an enjoyable read. A warning for some is there are a number of typos throughout the novel. For me, it wasn’t enough to jar me from the book but it is noticeable.

My Score – 7.5/10 

Review 4

“A true way to build a character in a Gamelit / Fantasy setting”

Codename: Freedom. Is there really any freedom? Is there a way that Lucius and Prodos and can conquer? It’s hard to say. Apollos Thorne has taken a concept of immersive gaming and slightly deviated away from the general ‘My body gets bigger and I get better as I level-up’.

By applying real world physics to the build of the MC Apollos has created a story that is far more engaging and easier to understand that those before who rely on on overpowered characters and a simple get stronger as you go theme. The entire concept is rather refreshing and highly relatable.

Add in the thrilling story that builds and builds the suspense, the MC’s questions about his own ability and the surprises and highly likable characters, everyone has a friend like Kline, and you have the start of a great ongoing series.

Highly enjoyable and very much recommended. Still in it’s infancy this puts down a great foundation on which the author will surely build.

My score – 8/10 – 

Review 5 – To be updated later –




Apollos Thorne is the author of the series Codename: Freedom and Underworld: Level Up or Die! originally posted on After 500k views on the rough draft of his first fiction, he concluded it would be foolish not to pursue publishing. The insanity has begun!

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