AudioBook Review – Cherry Blossom Girls

Our audiobook reviewer wants to post so here we are – I’ll slide these in when they’re done, and hopefully some of the others will join him 🙂


My review for Cherry Blossom girls:

Just read Harmon Cooper’s Cherry Blossom Girls. I wrote a song about it, wanna hear it, here it goes . . .

Am I gonna take you home tonight
Naked in the rain beneath that old streetlight
Are you gonna let it all hang out
Cherry Blossom girls
You turned my whole world upside down
Hey! I was just a writing lad
Never did much good or bad
But I got a life when Grace entered my periphery
She was so cute and quite uncanny
Always flashing me her fanny
Super Sexy woman you made a bad boy out of me
Hey hey!
I’ve been running with my babes
Veronique sharpened up her blades
We fought govt. agents all along the way
With their beauty and fighting style
I might survive a little while
They just might save me in the nick of time
Am I gonna take you home to fight?
As I struggle to get your programming right
Are you gonna sit around and pout?
Cherry Blossom girls you make heads spin around
Cherry Blossom girls…

Ok, I admit, that was “Inspired” by Queen, but the book definitely made me feel like singing! I will say that Master Cooper certainly knows how to jazz up the old, “It was a dark and stormy night. . .” book beginning. (Hint: He throws in a naked girl) Her name is Grace, and she had better go with him if she wants to live. Seems people are after her; really bad people, and it is up to the intrepid writer, Gideon (might be based on someone we know in real life whose name rhymes with Carmen Snooper), to save her. The fact that he is not equipped to deal with her baggage or skilled enough to handle the situation has no bearing on his choice (refer to the previous naked girl mentioned earlier). Turns out, Grace, and a few others like her are government experiments that are about to be deleted as they are deemed obsolete.
As the story progresses we also meet Veronique, a deadly femme fatale, who is after her “sister” and Gideon. Cooper smartly plays this book out in a first person autobiographical form, giving it an air of realism that wouldn’t sneak through if told in third. The writing is witty, sexy, and features some down and dirty . . . fighting. The pacing of the book is natural, and there are some Easter eggs hidden around if you listen carefully. The book is a mash up of the Doom Patrol, Stranger Things, and Die Hard. Gideon’s last name ought to be McClain. There are no static moments in the book, it is like a hungry shark, always moving forward, never slowing, and striking unexpectedly.
Soundbooth Theater does a great job, although I appreciated the cameo by the ever awesome Jeff Hays there are just a few too many people involved. I like one or two narrators, and the cameo was appreciated but I think one or the other ladies, Annie Ellicott or Laurie Catherine Winkel could have done the female voices on their own. It made this have more of a Production feeling than it did a narration. I did miss not having more Hays, but this was Justin’s book to carry, and he did a great job.

Over all, I would give this book two thumbs up, and if I was Yakuza maybe even a few more! Easily a 9 out of 10 since the book has everything from jokes to sexy mommas using X-men skills and is presented in a completely entertaining way. The whole “this is really happening to me” theme makes me wonder just what is happening in Cooper’s life right now. Could art be imitating life? For his sake, I sincerely hope so, as this is a fun and uptown kind of book that will make you want to sing out loud. It did me!

You can find the e-book and audio on –


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