Audiobook review – Dante’s Immortality


Review 1 –

Who wants to live forever? Dante’s Immortality

Dante’s Immortality is a misleading name. Nowhere in the book is the reason behind this title revealed, so there may be more to this than we know. It could simply mean he will become famous, and it might simply mean that he, at some point, literally becomes immortal. Either way, the title is intriguing, and does nothing to tell you about the awesomeness contained within these pages.
One complaint that I do have, and it is a niggling beast, is that I do not really see the need for this to be a LITRPG book. It works like one, yes, but if you took out all the gaming elements you are still left with an awesome magic system, a mind-blowing new fantasy world, and a malicious political system that grinds the peons into powder. In fact, I would argue that this would be BETTER as a straight up fantasy novel. I haven’t seen an original magic system and world like this since the Ethshar series was first released.
This isn’t to say that the LITRPG elements don’t work, and aren’t fun. They just seem more like a way to enter the LITRPG genre, and if that’s what Antonio Terzini wanted to do it’s fine by me. I enjoyed every moment of this book and its connection to a specific genre had no bearing on that factor whatsoever.

The motto for the people in this land should be trust no one. Everyone seems to be playing some sort of angle, and their goal is to use you or get what they can from you before they dispose of you. Even friendly acts in times of darkness are revealed to be not as altruistic as they first appear. Dante, naïve as he is, is caught in the meat grinder, and is holding on by his fingernails trying not to slide in. I will say that Terzini doesn’t play Dante as a Goodie-goodie everyman hero, because when he has an opportunity for payback with a lifelong tormentor he never hesitates in his actions. It was a wild “YES” moment that I wanted to see so many other times in other books. Terzini can and will also pull at your heartstrings, and then play them like a banjo. So watch out, in this world bad things do happen to “good” people and it will get you if you are not weary.
Hays’s narration is quite possibly his best work to date. He stuffs Dante’s voice with such depth of emotion that you feel the heat of his anger, and the pain in his heart. I firmly believe that his voice work here brings much of this vitriol in the people’s hearts into reality. You can hear their smarmy malice oozing from every word, and their words will cut you. Thanks, Mr. Hays, for being able to bring to life an entire world and their people, with the added bonus of making it feel like they are all out to get us (and Dante). There were no issues with the audio at all, and it was a blast listening.

The story is fast paced, I went back over this book, and only found the beginning a little slow (prior to Dante getting his powers), but even that set up period was interesting and necessary to the rest of the plot. There is a lot of set up there, and it is handled deftly. My only question is, in a world like the one Terzini has created, who would want to live forever? The world and its people may be a little dark, but this book shone like a torch in the darkest cavern. It is exciting, full of action, intrigue, mystery, backstabbing, betrayal, and most of all FUN! I loved this book, and know you will too, get it now!

Review 2 –

Dante’s immortality, I listened to this on audible, it is a Jeff Hayes narrated book and was very well done. Jeff made me feel the emotions that Dante did throughout the book, his range of voices was easy to follow and well done. Based on the descriptions of the characters his voices felt like they suited them well. Jeff really made me feel the characters were real, from the malice and hate which drips from the antagonist to the cold calculation of one of the political pieces, finishing with the naivety and ignorance of the MC. You can feel/understand when the MC goes through multiple emotions throughout the book.
The main character is an outcast from society no one knows his origins or why he’s different. You follow this MC throughout the book as he goes from a nobody to someone who could become one of the most over powered people in the world. The litrpg elements are not due to a game but due to the way the world works, it is not a portal fantasy as the characters are actually originally from the world. The main character is a naïve undereducated in the ways of the world young man. I do feel Dante is a little to naïve and doesn’t ask enough questions about the people around him, he gets played a little to hard in the world of politics, where a few simple questions could have led him in a slightly different direction. Some of this could be chalked up to his naivety and lack of knowledge outside of just trying to survive. He has never had friends and when people finally showed interest he didn’t know how to react. His main antagonist from his childhood is a character that you grow to hate. The author does good on getting the readers views on who is good and who is bad. Not only this but the MC is not your typical hero, when given the opportunity to exact revenge on his nemesis he doesn’t hesitate. But when put in the position to save others at the expense to himself he doesn’t hesitate to do that either, but situations make sense and do not cause conflicting views on the personality of the MC.
The world is magnificently developed down to the political intrigue of multiple houses all vying for control. You are led down a plot in that regards that I hope to have more clarification and depth built up in the next book. There are a number of plots tied into the political intrigue and power struggle that if developed correctly will make this one of my favorite books in the genre. In regards to this being a gamelit book I would say it doesn’t have to be, the stats and “world essence” absorption could be left out, they are really the only gamelit pieces in the story and the story would not lack without them. Antonio has built one of the magic systems using essence manipulation and runes that make me want to know more. There is enough information for the reader to be happy and feel it was well thought out, I’m a reader who wants more details on how things work.

To me, this book deserves an 8.5/10 the world building and full emotional spectrum abound. The author and narrator both did a great job with this installment, I can’t wait for book 2.

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