AudioBook Review – The Zee Brothers Omnibus

The Zee Brothers omnibus by Grivante Press

Narrated by Ian McEuan

“…did you try 0420? Didn’t work?!”

Have you ever wanted to see a Monty Python & Kevin Smith zombie mashup? Well, I present to you the audiobook version. This book is literally nothing but punchlines, one liners, and bloody carnage.

Being someone who reviews books often I am very pleased when I come across a book and author who makes this story type actually work. Most often the jokes end up being lost in the seriousness of the actual story and plot later in the book or even the series. So far with these two books, which stand at a just over a whopping five hours together; delivers just that. Five hours of nonstop laughter and brutally murdered ex-humans; sounds like a great time to me!

This series opens upon a phone call to the “Zee Brothers” Jonah and Judas; by way of a third party ex employer. Summoning these specific “pest control guys” an irate homeowner is suddenly attacked by the living dead emerging from his basement. The fact these unfortunate heroes are given the names Jonah and Judas plays right into the idea and flow of the remaining story. Eventually our heroes encounter a buxom beauty by the name of JJ and her canine companion “Xanadu”.

Oh no you read correctly; I told you Monty Python and Kevin Smith.

It gets even better than that my friends as this unsuspecting pup pulls a pivotal trick from it’s sleeve by literally channeling the powers of Olivia Newton-John herself! Xanadu also has some other incredible abilities that I will not spoil for you here; never the less, they are magical indeed. Basically the story ends after a couple hours of righteous zombie slaughter followed by the epic dance of Xanadu.

Book two is more of the same, however opening up this time within the walls of a school. The principal in the scene being patient 1 in this case, as patient 0 is his secretary; with her head buried in his lap. More of the same violence is portrayed throughout this book as in book one. Honestly, as I said before, I absolutely loved it. If you are a fan of nonstop brutal blood baths and hilarious one liners then you need to add this to your collection.

One last thing, Ian McEuan…this guy really gets into his job. You can tell he really liked doing the voices and reading for this book. Half of the enjoyment for me was listening to the smirk on his face while he would be reading some of those punch lines. Honestly, I found very little I didn’t like about this book, except his voice for Jonah. It sounded a bit off for the character. I mean the man barks for Xanadu, yet Jonah sounds like a gruff military Sargent. His younger brother Judas’ voice seems spot on; maybe McEuan was channeling his inner Ving Rhames for Jonah.

Buy the book and tell us what you think!

Overall 7/10…/The-Zee-Brothers-Vol-1…/B07BHXJH28


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