Audiobook Review – Mechcraft

Mechcraft by Brian Fitzpatrick

Narrated by Meghan Kelly


Jake is special, not by any ordinary means. This man is special in one peculiar way, he was born with the ability to create objects out of living metal from within his own body! Oh yea, how awesome is that?! I was so excited upon my initial receiving on this book for review that I immediately dived into it. The thrill, did not last long however.

Jake is in college and finds out that his family were also special. Belonging to a secret government experimental group, “The Phalanx”. This group of people were given injections of a living nanotechnology which allowed them to create and control living metal. Kind of like a mash up of the “T-1000” and “The Green Lantern”, the injected can summon the metal through their skin to take whatever shape they choose.

Sasha is our antagonist in this book. Having broken away from the secret group and making HER OWN secret group; she is tasked with finding and capturing Trent so he may be used for their own evil needs. Pretty basic concept as far as protagonist and antagonist go. The idea of the living metal through skin is interesting but it seems not totally thought out.

There seems to be no end to the items these nano robots can create. Anything from whipping tentacles to a 9mm handgun at one point. It seems to me that this is a little “too generous” with the ability as a whole. There need to be set backs of some sort or else the story will just be “who gets the lucky shot in and wins”. Being the first book written by Brian Fitzpatrick, this actually reads fairly well.

The narration was the harder pill to swallow for me. Meghan Kelly shows a lot of potential as a new up and coming narrator. Unfortunately, more often than not she is speaking to you in a soft whisper. Her voice plays through very sensual and heavy breathing; that doesn’t work for an action sequence. More often than not I would need to replay a section and turn up the volume; in doing so I would be hit with the more loudly mixed “regular speaking voice” and hear my speakers rattle at the difference.

All in all this book is ok, good but not great. The narration is ok, it needs work but it is good for a quick listen. None of this book really stands out to me except the overpowering ability to sling metallic liquid around like a total boss. Other than that however, I would be interested to see how the next book turns out.

Give it a listen and tell us what YOU think!

Overall: 4/10…/Te…/Mechcraft-Audiobook/B07FDPCPHJ


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