Not a Review :)


I thought it would be nice to step away from the “critical aspect” of being a reviewer and just talk about why I love to do it. Books have always been a huge part of my life. From the first time I read “Dragon’s Eye” by Stephen King; I absolutely fell in love with fantasy. I was 10 years old for that one.

Over the next 20 years I have had the pleasure to read some amazing works of literature: DUNE, The Dresden Files, Tales from the Nightside, Lord of the Rings, Drizzt and the Underdark. Not to mention some amazing authors like: Neil Gaimen, Robert Heinlein, Dean Koontz, Roger Zelazny, and Clive Barker.

However, I have recently found other works that are just as amazing and life-changing for me, as these were. All of them being under the genre of “LITRPG”.

LITRPG combines a very unique combination of: Sword and Sorcery, Technocraft, Steampunk, Cyber-Noire, Fantasy, and even Romance. More often than not the characters portrayed in this format are so life-like and realistic; they read like watching an amazing Broadway play. One of my major loves, and what I look for in a book are: “how do the characters develop?”. I just really can’t find the words for how some of these works of art have touched my heart.

There are so many incredible artists in the literary world who, unfortunately the vast majority of the reading world will not touch; because of the genre name “LITRPG”… Let me be the first to tell you; this genre rocks. There are stale archetypes and character creations, sure. Overall however, the stories breathe such fresh life into my favorite hobby, that my world would be a much darker place without them.

Artists like: Blaise Corven, Charles Dean, Matthew Dinniman, Aleron Kong, Dakota Krout, Michael Chatfield, and Dawn Chapman. All of these authors bring together such an amazing balance of story driven character development and overall world building that for me, offer an amazing ability for multiple reads. If you’re a fan of these books, or even if you’ve never heard of the genre, please, please do yourself a favor and read anything published by these authors mentioned above.

If you enjoy audiobooks compared to ebooks or physical copies; this world of wonderous works opens its pages so much further than just by reading. Being an avid fan of Audiobooks since I found my first in a flea market for 5 cents; I find myself re-listening to these books more often than any others’ genre. There are so many talented and valuable voice actors that subscribe their time to recording these literary works of art. Some of these narrators include: Tim Gerard Reynolds, Andrea Parsneau, Jeff Hays, Annie Elliott, Annelise Rennie, J. Scott Bennett, Neil Hellegers, and David Stifel.

Once again, if you have never heard of these narrators; do yourself a favor and pick up these books. You will not be disappointed!

If you have any favorite authors or narrators not mentioned here, let us know about them! What works you love, what works you didn’t even. You would be surprised at who may just be reading your response. Maybe, just maybe, you will help make the next good book, that much better!

Have a great day everyone, and enjoy a great book today!


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