EBook Review – Adamanta Series

Adamanta Series – Book 1

By: T.Y. Carew and Jess Mountfield



Adamanta is a great sci-fi book that is essentially a novel form of a tv show, It’s probably closer to that than even some novelizations of actual tv shows. There are even episodes for christ’s sake. This comes with ups and downs, but I will start with a brief introduction.

The book starts with an introduction to our small crew (Xander the Leader, Matt the Fighter, Drew the Tech, and the alien siblings; Tyra the Pilot and Trey the Heavy) but quickly throws us into the action against the faceless, killer aliens. We find out more details as the book progresses, though some details remain a mystery (and some of those that I wish didn’t). Though the setting is of humanity quickly losing a galactic war, this acts more as a backdrop and an occasional story agent than anything else.

The episodic nature worked well for the story, allowing the different “episodes” to have a variety of themes, from a chase scene to a mystery, even ‘plot’ episodes if you will. It also allows them to skip over some of the boring in-between that goes on, well, in between. The unfortunate side effect is that there was a certain lack of descriptiveness I noticed throughout the novel. Some places were worse than others, but I occasionally found myself mentally floundering when it came to imagining what the authors had in mind for a planet or structure. I still have no clue what Xander’s looks like. Granted it has little effect on the story, but it would still be nice. I would say the ‘military’ piece of the military sci-fi is not a strong factor here. The team is quite small, they report directly to a general (who I definitely imagined as a police chief from a buddy cop movie several times “Damn it, Xander! You’ve toed the line too many times!”) Their main technology is new and untested. Really, they say sir and take orders. They even wear a uniform most of the time. OK, that’s a joke, not a criticism. Point being, its light on the military piece.

Overall, I have few complaints. The grammar is excellent; I appreciated some of the word choice. A bit pulpier that I usually go for in my space sci-fi, but I will certainly take a gander at book 2.



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