AudioBook Review – The Elder Ice

The Elder Ice: A Harry Stubbs Adventure



By David Hambling
Narrated by Brian J. Gill

Favorite Quotes:

“…I would never back away from a fight. I removed my bowler and hung it on the iron railing next to me; as though on a hatrack.

“Gentlemen,” I declared whilst unbuttoning my coat. “I too am a working man myself, and I do believe; you’ve taken money to do a job tonight.” I hung the coat next to my hat.

“Well then gentlemen; let us get to our work…”

“The prybar; is a useful, I might say ‘indispensable’ implement for the modern house breakers.”

Harry Stubs; what a legend. This ex-boxer turned butcher’s collections agent is one not to be trifled with. Having no problems going a round of fisticuffs with the next able chap, Harry enjoys hands on work. While investigating the whereabouts of some otherwise would be debtor; Harry is swept up in a world of mystery and intrigue. Unbeknownst to our protagonist this specific assignment is more than he bargained for.

I am a long standing super fan of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. Really I am hard pressed to find a new story that comes out under the banner of “great old ones” and “Cthulhu Mythos” that makes me pay attention. My complaint about this novella is: ITS TOO DAMN SHORT!

Honestly this audiobook was fantastic to listen to. The writing of David Hambling is a real joy to experience. Having been teamed up with Brian J. Gill for this book; the team works wonders together. Hambling is able to really pull out enough cockney accent in writing that Gill can easily pick up the accent trends and shift seamlessly between them.

Hambling’s writing really shines during the last 5 chapter of the book where the actual “Cthulhu Mythos” section is held. Let me tell you, my mind was blown. I consider myself someone who thinks outside of the box, this was some next level contemplation. I had to listen to chapter 9 specifically more than once to get all of the nuances delivered in such a short and sweet audiobook.

Coming in at just over 3 hours; this book is a total delight. Please do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic book and figure head for the remaining series. All books in the series may be found on Audible at the link below.

If you enjoyed this book, or even if you didn’t let us know either way, and why you felt that way! Have a great day everybody!

As always, if you are a writer or know someone who is and would like their work reviewed please let us know!

Overall 7/10…/The-Elder-Ice-A-Harry-Stub…/B01KN2AKNQ


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