AudioBook Review – Slime Dungeon

Slime Dungeon by Jeffery Falcon Logue
Narrated by Ryan Turner

The Slime Dungeon is a tale about a Dungeon Core named “Doc” and his Dungeon Pixie, whose name escapes me while I am writing the review. That is the majority of this book, I am afraid. I appreciate the attempt into the sub-genre this author decided to bring to the table, however it feels really rough. I would have taken this idea back to the drawing board once or twice and nailed out a lot of the dents and dings the plot holes created in this story.
It is definitely a more satirical and comedic form of the litrpg genre, having been around for a while and not having gotten to it yet tells you something. If you are really interested in some more dungeon-world building and really love Slime as a game mob. This is the book for you.
I had a hard time getting into the characters and the story, as the dialogue and relationship seems a little…forced? Non-organic perhaps. I found myself quickly wandering off mentally and getting bored easily. The series may improve with the next books, I, unfortunately, will not be there for them.

If you enjoyed this review and are an author/narrator, or know of one, please send them our way so we may have the opportunity to review their work!
Have a great day!

Link –…/…/B074CJQLPR


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