AudioBook Review – Dungeon Born

The Divine Dungeon series (so far) books 1/2/3 by Dakota Krout
Narrated by Vikas Adam


I stared at the cover to Dungeon Born for weeks, trying to decide whether to invest my last credit into it or not. Fortunately, I was able to acquire a copy to do the review for the series. I have to say, I should have just gone with my gut from the start. I have been really blown away by the writing talent shown in between these hours of pages.
The series focuses around a “Dungeon Core named Cal” and his ever helpful and eventual wife “Dani the Dungeon Wisp” no real spoilers, they make that pretty obvious. Cal is created by nefarious means and begins life totally unaware of who or what he is. Dani’s job is to be his guide in the world and explain the processes of life as he encounters them. That’s the series in a nutshell. What happens as far as the details are concerned is an entirely wild and unusually brilliant explanation if what Dungeons really are in video game lore and why they drop boots off of rabbit mobs.
There is another second string of characters just as important as Cal, but you are going to need to read to find out about that lot of languorous lounge lizards. Speaking of alliteration, examples of it are abundant and awesomely arranged around this author’s particular work. What really grabs my attention are the situations in which the dungeon finds himself, asking seemingly profound, yet preposterous questions.
Eventually, you see the answers for all of the questions posed along the way, including ones you never thought of asking. This book is really a fun ride and a great read. Performed by Vikas Adam, the characters grow so much closer to you as the story goes on. That Hans, what a dreamboat. I’ve said too much!
Check out the book! I’m so sorry it took me this long to get to enjoy it!

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