AudioBook Review – Stainless Steel Rat

The Stainless Steel Rat Series
By Harry Harrison
Narrated by Phil Gigante

I must say, I have loved this entire series, ever since I first started reading them. I was drawn to the auspicious cover art of a Hawaiian T-shirt-wearing James DiGriz and some nefarious nemesis nearby. This book, A Stainless Steel Rat is Born is #6 in the series and starts you in the middle of the story. This outlines the beginnings of “Slippery Jim” and his burgeoning crime career. Honestly, any book you pick up is pretty stand alone, with the exception being the first three or four. In those Jim gets married and has baby spies who, yes, all follow him around the universe playing Robin Hood and thwarting the plots of would-be evil-doers. Oh, did I not mention Jim is recruited directly into service among an association of fellow thieves who are placed around the galaxy just for the purposes of stopping any major criminal mastermind? Well, I did now.

Just in those two brief descriptions of books 6 and 1 respectively, you can see my pure fascination with this series. That hasn’t even scratched the surface on what is going on elsewhere in this epic saga of space-age piracy. My favorite characteristic of Jim DiGriz and his penchant for passivity. He does protect himself via martial arts if need be, but his goal is to only rob and steal – never to kill. This seems a mite bit tricky sometimes for Harry Harrison to have written into his stories; the workarounds are so incredible they boarder into the fantastic.

My favorite part of this series is just the pure written language of it. The way Harrison wrote in general was akin to reading beautiful music. This work of his outshines the rest like a bleak star collapsing unto itself; short as it may be, it remains the most glorious of spectacles. If you have need of a great sci-fi book, written and performed by two of the greatest artists this line of work has produced. I beg you, look no further.

Thank you for reading, and as always, Live Long and Prosper.

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Stainless Steel Rat – Book 1…/The-Stainless-Steel-Ra…/B0041M5MRE?

A Stainless Steel Rat is Born – Book 6…/A-Stainless-Steel-Rat-…/B004LY2GLC?


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