Audio and E-book Review – Somnia Online – Anomaly

Anomaly (Somnia Online 2) AudioBook and ebook.



Somnia Online is developing and so are the AI! *Insert AI Overlords joke here*

With the cliffhanger Initializing left us at, Anomaly picks up right where we left off. We soon see the fallout from what was kept from Wren and how it affects everyone, in-game and real life.

Real life:
Hanna gives us more perspective to the game developers and Wren’s family’s reaction to “the event.” We see more real life interactions with the AI servers as they start developing more human characteristics. Probably the most intriguing thing to happen is Murmur being able to hear her mom, Laria, in-game while Laria is by her bedside talking to her.

I’ll agree with most other reviews that Anomaly is much heavier on the female emotions. Yes, it may be a drawback. However, I’d like to point out that most female leads are written by male authors. It’s rare to see a strong female lead written by a strong female author.

On a plus-side, the game world is becoming more intricate and evolving. We see Murmur and her guild acquire their secondary classes and starting growing their crafting roster. Two amazing supporting characters come out of all that, Snowy and Neva. The AIs really do take into account what Murmur will do now when guildies log out. They answered with Snowy! Murmur’s secondary Druid class really is a compliment to her Psion main class. We also have more interaction with the city fountains. That’s a topic I can’t want to come to fruition further into the story.

At times it was a little hard to read, but in the end, it was an enjoyable book. Yes, Anomaly is heavier on the emotions but the story and supporting cast makes up for that. Aside from that though, the game world, characters, and story intrigue are progressing amazingly. For book three I have the hope that there will be more action and named mobs, similar to Initializing.


Review 2 –

From listening to Andrea Parsnau narrate the first book I was totally hooked in this world created by K.T. Hanna

There are several things I love about this book and more so than the first. Mostly it’s that it doesn’t go with what most writers would consider the norm. This is a deep look at the character Murmer is, and what makes her tick. Some of these insights won’t and haven’t sat well with male readers/listeners and that’s because they don’t get it and I really think they should take a long hard look as to those reasons.

The real hard-hitting books in this genre are going to be carved out by authors who really know how to not only created believable worlds but those that can and do understand characters on that level. So far there are few and far between in authors that actually do this, and I place K.T. amongst those.

What makes this book special for me, is both what goes on inside the game and out of it, and I hope I can see where K.T is taking this… I think I do, but I’m guessing at best.

This is a really good series, one that I’m really waiting for the next one on.

Narration –

As usual, Andrea is amazing with her character voices, tone and all-round performance. I can’t wait for the next book, which is soon i believe and even more so for the audio.



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