AudioBook Review – Dragon of Ash and Stars

Dragon of Ash and Stars



Written by – Leighton Dickson

Narrated by – John Lee

Dragons! Like, real dragons! Not just characters of someone dressed up as a dragon or having a dragon as a pet. No. This is real-deal Holifield dragons!

Stormfall is a midnight black scaled dragon. In a world where dragons appear to be a summer or autumn. Starfall is a pitch, perpetual black. Often referred to in the book as a ‘Night Dragon’, these colors are highly sought after for a variety of human (called Sticks in the novel) jobs. Beginning his life on a stoney outcropping in the middle of the ocean, Stormfall eventually finds his way to a Sticks settlement after a terrible storm. Hence his name.

The hard life of this dragon follows around the continent as he starts as a fishing drake, then is bought and sold several times to become: a farmer, a gladiator, a carriage puller, and so much more. I really loved this story. It was a fantastic opportunity to see the world perhaps through the eyes of a noble and strong dragon-ling. What really hammered the story home was the incredible voice acting by John Lee. Having been one of my favorite voice actors since I heard him first in Dune. I am always on the lookout for the next ‘Dune quality John Lee book’. Suffice it to say, this one will do for now.

Unfortunately, the story itself is so straightforward that the replayability is low unless you’re like me where you rotate all of your books every week and ‘somehow’ wind up re-reading the same ones over and over. This will be on that list. Perhaps somewhere down at the bottom, however.

Overall 4/10

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