AudioBook Review – Threadbare: Stuff and Nonsense

Stuff and Nonsense



Written by – Andrew Seiple
Narrated by – Tim Gerard Reynolds

“Too many hours grinding nap and not grinding hunt.”

This quote sums up the majority of the book for me. I am one to dive into a TGR book above mostly anything else. This one, however, was interesting. That’s about it for now.

The story starts inside of a workshop hut for a tailor turned animist. His goal is to take inanimate objects and turn them into sentient golems for a particular pact made with some nefarious creatures. This introduces the main character of Threadbear. Starting life as a magically turned stuffed teddy bear, Threadbear has plenty to deal with. One threat of which deserves immediate attention by him is that of Clawsifer the cat.

This book is very tongue and cheek, well written and about as page-turningly interesting as you can expect a book about a magical stuffed teddy bear to be. That’s not to say it is without its own shining moments. Steiple does a great job of incorporating the stat modifiers and explanations of exactly what ‘1 point in strength’ or ‘2 points more in wisdom’ will do as far as a correlation to real-world views.

The rest of the novel is filled with quirky characters and interesting devices used to push the plot forward. Pro tip: if you’re ever in need of a drink in the wilderness, just soak your teddy bear in water and ring it out. I enjoyed the storytelling and the actual writing of the story. Overall, however, it is a LITRPG book about a stuffed teddy bear. If you’re short on a list of things to read then check this out. Otherwise, there are more adult themed stories that can accomplish the same thing without the need of reliving a twisted Winnie the pooh version of childhood…unless you’re looking for that sort of thing.

Overall score 5/10

If you enjoyed reading this review, let us know! Even if you didn’t enjoy it, let us know so everyone else can point and laugh. There is no bad news, after all, just news!

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