AudioBook Review – Prophets of Waaagh

Prophets of Waaagh! The story so far

Written by Guy Healy



Narrated by: Tom Alexander, John Banks, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Matthew Hunt, Jonathan Keeble, David Seddon, Joe Shire

Dis is it boyz! Da Waagh iz ‘ere! Let’s ‘ere it!


I’m not one for audio dramas usually, but oh man. This collection of (very) short stories is such an amazing little treat to have in your library. Let me tell you, I have been looking for a good 40k book from the ‘Orky’ perspective. This is no ‘book’ unfortunately, but the three stories so far add up to an hour of total hilarity and nerdy fanboy love.

There is a tremendous amount of individual talent in the grim dark. Guy Healy is definitely one of the more brighter shining stars among this particular universe of work. His literary prowess has been joined by not one, but several class A orator acts. Several already casted for other 40k books.

The story itself follows the view of a couple different Orks. One of which Bosgaz who finds himself stranded with a grok named Frikk. Along the way they find Talker.

“A soddin’ knows what of ’em talky talky.” (God I love Orks).

The intro to each part of the story even has a quick ‘in total Ork speak’ prologue with a ‘Humee’ translation. Not to mention full on Norwegian-metal-band-leadsinger-lower-lip head-nod theme music peppered through the entirety of all three dramas.

Overall, what an amazing hour I spent listening to these, that I had to come on and write a review for it! Check them out. If you are unfamiliar with any of this information and are totally lost, check out Black Library’s audiobooks which are now sold on audible (after 10 years, damn it).

Follow the link below to check out the first book in the series. These are just a straight buy, I think I paid less than five dollars per twenty minute drama. I hope you enjoyed reading this review.

Please like, comment, and share! If you’ve heard of a great book we should check out, let us know! We are always looking for new material to add to the meat grinder. Have a great day. And as always…

live long, and prosper.



One thought on “AudioBook Review – Prophets of Waaagh

  1. I think this might be a perfect introduction to audiobooks for me (I keep meaning to try-would be good on long driving commute). I loved Stan Nicholls ‘Orcs’ series. I enjoy seeing things from the ‘baddies’ POV. This is going on my TRB list!


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