Ebook Review – Succubus 5

Review: Succubus 5 – Hardcore Dungeon Core, by A. J. Markam


Can a man love a crystal?  Let’s find out….

Ian’s succubus is “dead”.  Nope.  It turns out that she was transferred to a dungeon core and Ian and Alaria both want her back as a succubus.  Ian finds the dungeon’s cave and quickly finds a starter dungeon fairy, Wylla, and the crystal Alaria is stuck in.   Shortly we find out that Alaria’s soul was transferred to a dungeon core in the operation that Soraiya was trying to perform at the end of book 4. Luckily Ian can communicate with the dungeon core if he is touching it.  Ian brings her and the crystal she’s stuck in out of the cave and Alaria mentions that she had an old master named Deek that was a dungeon core and he might be able to help, so they set off to find Deek in the city of Vos.

Ian has to deal with more bounty hunters and gets involved in some court intrigue between church, state and guild that want to control the local Dungeon, Deek.  How this all resolves itself was even more fun than I expected.  Obviously, Ian gets to have a ton of sex and battles throughout, which is a staple of the series.

In truth, I was worried about this book before I started because I didn’t like the way the last one ended, and I thought we would spend a whole book trying to “find” Alaria or find out if she is truly dead.  I was wrong.  How odd is it to find a fifth series entry to be your favorite?  Obviously, I’ve liked the series enough until now to keep going, but this one had a light, fun feel that really worked for me.

I do hope Markam figures out how to get Deek into other stories.  He is a fun character.  Also, the four people he teams up with to go dungeon diving have interesting personalities and the banter amongst them is enjoyable.  These four are also in another Markam book, Dead Man Gaming, which makes this a fun crossover.

Also, I’m glad that even though in the beginning of this book Ian is still doing stupid things driven by his immaturity and anger, we get a long respite from that for the rest of the book.  I wouldn’t mind seeing the Varkus/Bounty Hunter story come to conclusion sooner than later. It was interesting in the last book and passable in this one, but it’s time to move on.   It Looks like we’re heading underwater for the next entry and I’m looking forward to whatever fun comes Ian’s way.




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