Veil Verse – Cultivating Chaos & Asgard Awakening

Book: Veil Verse!

Cultivating Chaos & Asgard Awakening
Authors: Blaise Corvin & William D. Arand

Spoilers most likely!
This review is a bit different. This review is on a universe made by two awesome indie writers which the main characters (or MCS) may or may not cross but who knows?
That’s part of the fun! Now, let us start reviewing the books individually, shall we!
Cultivating Chaos is a cultivation novel that’s first person. The book barely has any grammar issues I saw, and how Arand writes his works it’s easy to read, fun to enjoy it doesn’t give you any complicated terminology and engages you almost immediately.
Now for those of you who have read cultivation novels… the MC Ash is not your typical Cultivator, he doesn’t think like one at all. While he loves martial arts he disdains having to talk a lot of crap, or talking all mystical like he’s way more of a laid back mc which why he’s awesome. It takes the tropes of Chinese cultivation novels and makes them more bearable, fun and engaging.

If hungry for a good wuxia that doesn’t have a lot of filler this is for you!
Asgard Awakening is about a man who becomes a slave, escapes slavery and slowly becomes a god. This MC is Trav who went through a lot since transported to the veil verse.

Warning it’s not a wuxia so don’t expect Trav to be jumping realms or anything he still has to find his own path to power. The title kinda spoilers part of it so I’ll leave it to your imagination.
The grammar good! It’s first person as well and easy to read there’s a lot more introspection in this novel then Cultivation Chaos about Trav and how everything he survives changes him.
Now all together there are already links to both worlds of each Main character that I think going to make this universe great.
The start of both books drags you in, engages you with the side characters half of them known as kin, beast people pretty much and with their different…culture it’s an interesting cultural difference. There’s more hidden but I’ll leave that to the readers I give this series a must read approval! Buy worthy!

It sets the foundation for a mass universe and I cannot wait for more!

I give both novels an 8/10!

Both books can be found here.

Ebook Review – Party Hard

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

Party Hard by David Petrie an interesting book. It has some good quips, some snappy dialogue, and even some good fights. It just felt like it was missing something, almost like it was trying too hard. I will say that the concept and execution behind the quest that picks up our intrepid heroes is much more interesting and plausible than the usual “A whole bunch of people are suddenly trapped in a VRMMO game.”

There are three distinct sections to this book, and I think that each needs to be talked about individually: the introduction, the party gathering, and the quest itself, which was kind of a boss run/multiple dungeon run. I found the introduction fairly boring, other than the fight. I admit it was a pretty good way to show off both the main character’s skills, as well as a few of their limitations, but other than the fight it was mostly a 50-page infodump.

I think I enjoyed the party gathering stage the best. We got to head to a few different locations in the world and learn about them, as well as see the party dynamic slowly change as new characters kept being added. How they arrived was even altered so that there wasn’t the too much repetition. I think the thing that bothered me the most here was something small that I noticed throughout, the lack of commas when using multiple adjectives to describe a single object (i.e., the small, brown dog). Like I said, not a big thing, but when I noticed that quite a few in a row didn’t have it, only for the next one to, it annoyed me. I honestly would have been less upset if none of the adjectives had the commas, but when I see that a few of them do, it makes me think ‘why can’t the rest of them?!’ Other than that, the grammar was quite solid though.

Really the place where the story started showing signs of breaking down was in the actual quest portion. In order to prevent a disaster, the main characters had to go around and fight 4 mythologically themed bosses that were specially added to the game for this quest, all of which were going to be insanely hard. But several problems happened here. For one, the fact that there was four lead to an increasingly short screen time for the lead-up and fight of said bosses, as well as the fact that the names they were given really had very little to do with what the bosses were. It was more like “here are 4 bosses that I want you to fight, oh let’s give them a name to make sure they have a theme.” There was one fight even, that was solved by literal deus ex machina from outside the game. Sure, the hint was given in game for some “thing” the antagonist gave the party’s sponsor a while back, but that could have easily been a puzzle, not a boss. Admittedly, after I got over my annoyance at the whole mythology thing, the first boss fight was quite good. Even the third one was decent. Just… again, I would have been ok with the quest giving some reason why the mythology didn’t match up, or mutated, but without explanation, I guess it just felt hollow. Not that I don’t understand the reason for it lacking an explanation.

Now I couldn’t really connect with the characters, so maybe you’ll feel differently if you do. I don’t want to say that this is a bad book, there are definitely some good points to it, and I think that for some people, this will be great. Not for me though. The amount of fun I had with it was overshadowed by the overly joking nature (there are some serious moment, so it’s not even like there’s anything I can specifically point to and say ‘that’s what I mean by it seems to be trying too hard,’ that’s just how I felt about it) and the unsatisfying boss fights. 6/10

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