AudioBook Review – Gunmeister Online

Gun Meister Online! This book is not Shooting Blanks!


Review 1

Gun meister online, Noah Barnett brings readers back to a story using the same real life world as his Nigmus online. He comes back with an edited book that is an easier read than Nigmus was. He shored up on the issue of not having Nigmus edited and it shows. Gun Meister is different than most other books in the game lit genre, as it uses the engine of a first person team based shooter. The characters don’t level but they rank up as they play better, ranks don’t make them stronger, but gaining credits and being able to upgrade his gun contracts helps more than could be expected. As he levels up he is able to have more contracts. Each contract is a gun and a member of his harem, the guns are sentient NPC’s who are lovers when not in a match. They are treated as npc’s and their contract must be renewed with one form of bodily fluid or another each month. The sex scenes are hot and heavy, I do wonder slightly if this is Noah’s first time writing graphic scenes as there are a few things here and there that just make me go huh, but overall they are well done, graphic, and make you want to keep reading them. There is a small trigger scenario when he acquires his second gun, but the MC handles it well and uses everything he has to make the gun feel at home.
The MC is believable and relatable, he starts out as a noob and takes time to learn the way of the game. You get good enlightenment to the way the MC sees the world and why. In the real world the MC is required to pull his own weight at work and some of the things he learns in the real world he is able to transfer to the game world. My only complaint here is that the real world seems to end a little early but it lets you focus on the climax of the game world. I came to fall in love with a few of the secondary characters from the MC’s first contract to the civil war era teammate and his contracted weapon. The “loli” not your typical loli doesn’t make me feel like most loli’s do, Noah does a good job reminding you she is who you think she is, she is playful and crass, always up for blowing something up. There is a small love interest that does seem to peters out 2/3 of the way through the book but ultimately changes focus from the MC to be between two side characters, this could continue and develop into any sequel made. The MC is believable in his interactions with his teammates and his contracts, the contracts are very different styles and mentalities that the graphic scenes don’t feel repetitive or overburdened.
Noah delivers on the world building in and out of game, the end of the book develops into the ground work for building the next game world the MC has a chance to join. The ending felt a little rushed and slightly anti-climactic but transitions into what is to come next well. I feel if 5k+ more words were added to the last 3 chapters the book would have had a much better closure. This was a breath of fresh air for me into the gamelit genre with the graphic sex and more battle royal/3rd person shooter style game.
I recommend Gun Meister if you are interested in firearms and shooters. The MC delivers as he grows to be a better player and helps to develop his team mates.

My rating for Gun Meister Online is a 7.5 the world building and fresh style leads to a higher review, the plot was good until the end felt slightly rushed. The MC was relatable and you can see his mentality and game play advance throughout the book.



Review 2 –

Nobody was more excited than me when the announcement for GMO coming to audible hit the internet. I had been waiting to get my trigger fingers on this book for quite some time, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. My preference is to generally get all the negative stuff out of the way first, so here goes.
GMO is a great book with fantastic characters and amazing narration, but it does have a handful of issues that I need to discuss. The first thing is that the book shifts in and out of the real world and the game. As such, the lead character has work problems. Problems that mean he has to justify his presence there on what seems to be a weekly basis. He constantly struggles with sales, and it is a big part of the story right up to the seventy percent mark, then it vanishes completely. Additionally, There is also a subplot regarding a hot co-worker that looks to be a budding romantic interest, but then that goes south, too. I really don’t know if Barnett felt that the protagonist, Charlie, had enough on his plate with all the gun lovin’ he was getting but it just was a dramatic shift that felt a little forced. My biggest issue came with the end of the novel. Charlie spends the whole book trying to improve his status, and get more guns, and once he is just really getting his footing, something changes and makes him give up everything he’d worked so hard for. In fact, the new direction it looks to be heading completely eliminates everything WE as readers invested into GMO. I’m not saying the next book doesn’t look promising, but essentially, Charlie strips away everything for this new opportunity. It took me about three days before I realized that I felt a little cheated. Still, I trust Barnett to make it work.

Now, for the good stuff, first of all, you have to respect a book that doesn’t play it safe. The book is filled with bloody head wounds, steamy sex, and a weird character that likes to combine those things. Once Charlie gets his groove, and starts getting his ladies, the book then really hits its stride. I appreciate how the game uses clones as opposed to VR simulated PC’s. Also, the hook of having to “holster” your weapon once a month to keep it loyal was sneaky and fun. There are some amazing characters that party with Charlie including a horny smurf who like to blow things up, a powder loading civil war aficionado, a sword wielding holy man, and a petulant co-worker. Plus the guns! Elva and the girls are so fun!! You will want to finger Elva’s trigger yourself by the end of the book, the Russian, and the twins make the rest of it all worthwhile.
Barnett wisely opted to use Soundbooth Theater for the audio duties, and his decision was a smashing success. After all, he got three narrators in the deal. Jeff Hays, Justin Thomas James, and Annie Ellicott all nail the narration. James has the southern accent down to a sweet tea, and Annie takes this book and makes it her own. She literally steals the show from the boys, and that is no mean feat as Jeff is a voice ninja. Annie “Oakley” Ellicott, pistol packing momma that she is hits the bullseye from a mile away. She makes her first outing as a lead narrator and goes beyond impressive; she shows that she belongs in the big leagues! Hays plays Charlie like he knows the guy, and has spent several months shadowing him at the car lot to get his attitude and aggression right. The sound quality couldn’t be better. SBT nails another one.

Barnett proves he is creative, and has fun with the story in so far as he puts a gun to the head of the old trope of leveling up. In GMO, the players don’t really level, all they do is advance in ranking which allows them to get more guns. It is the weapons that get built up and made stronger as the game progresses. Nice way to turn things around. The story itself is fast and fun, and references his other book, Nigmus Online, as well as a potential of RPGLIT series he could do based of the in-game VR game Blood and Pride. I want to note that this isn’t just some guy having shootouts with other players, there is a bigger arching story that reveals itself slowly as the story progresses. You won’t need a reticle to keep your eye on this book. I also like that Charlie progresses and grows throughout the storyline. When you are done listening to this book you will find yourself doing the “duck and cover” move every time you hear a weird noise, and you will be glancing around every corner you come to making sure some shmuck doesn’t land a lucky headshot. So, get ready for some gun grease, bullets, and babes and enjoy GMO!!!

Rating – 9

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