AudioBook Review – Fighting Iron

Fighting Iron – Jake Bible
Narrated by J Scott Bennett


“…I had a feeling you had fight in you. You got away from General Hanson, most men don’t make it out of that ranch house…and if they do; they only get so far before ending up in her “fun house”. You, got ALL the way out….”

“Confidence is not the same as Ego.”

One of my most loved memories as a kid, was coming home to drone away hours on; Mech Warrior 2: 31st century combat. Talk about “amazing graphics man!” In 1995…on MSDOS mode…like a boss.

With that being said you can completely understand my immediate attraction to this book. It HAS a MECH on the COVER! That alone has to say something about the adventure within. Not to mention a little nod to the Bram Stoker award nomination; hey, can’t knock the hustle.

We have a motley assortment of characters, which is to be expected based on the subject matter alone. Be it: desert wasteland Mad Max style, the original West Word circa 1973, my beloved 1995 “hyper-realistic” Mech Warrior video game, or even some of John Wayne. That’s right, “The Duke”…in. A. Mech. Full on plasma cannons and hand to hand combat. Well, Mech vs. Mech as it were.

Hopefully you have gathered from my odd collection of comparisons; Iron Warrior delivers all of it in one: action packed, punny, fantasy living, memorable listen clocking in at just under 10 hours.

Our protagonist “Clay” runs afoul of a well off, yet struggling Land Barron in the area. One; “General Hanson”. However, At first you are greeted by Clay and some light background information peppered with world building. This is “futuristic dystopia” at its finest. A bit of a love story develops later on towards the second half and the arc for this particular story. Again, as to be expected.

Half of this book is Clay stumbling upon a huge power source in the middle of “nowhere in North East Mexi-Cali” which, believe you me, is different from Southern Mexi-Cali. By nowhere I mean: the boonies, the sticks, splitsville Jack. The General’s compound is filled with a bunch of “soldiers”, who, are trained to fight and kill another Land Barron’s different yet equally-as-trained “soldiers”. According to the book our General Hanson has been on the short end of the stick and is looking to rectify the situation. At all costs. That is just the first half; the story hasn’t even started. Believe me, I have spoiled nothing this book has to offer.

On pure talent alone, this story can stand out clearly to me while still maintaining its amalgaus originations. Clay carries a heavy burden in carrying on his family name and honor. Traveling the world as a mercenary of sorts, selling his Mech and talent in hauling shipments and cargo which would need protecting.

Contrary to most modern authors who spend their time developing a story with which to spin into a series. Jake Bible avoids this majorly by keeping the “personal world” of Jack McCauley just that; withdrawn. This by no means makes the character a shut in or introvert. More on the lines of “The string silent type”; to which I introduce Mr. J. Scott Bennett.

This narrator has been perfectly chosen for the roles in this book. His overall narration reminds me of Sean Runette or even Neil Gaiman reading his own works. All of which have a mellow and even cadence that is easy to fall into and enjoy. I had no problem enjoying this all in one sitting. As usual; the mixing and mastering of sound was top notch. No: missed words, clipped sentences, nor even dialogue mixed too low to hear on my soundbar. The entire book was a clean and crisp read.

I for one am going to be looking forward to Mr. Bennet and Mr. Bible teaming up for a second round…which is already available through audible. Check out the books guys, you will thoroughly enjoy them if you like (last list I promise):

Cocky sidekicks, a world that runs on hemp, if you support La Revolution!, 50 foot tall robots, John Wayne shooting rocket launchers, desert wasteland saloons with burlesque shows, graphic nudity and adult situations, a nearsighted marksman, and especially if you like; Harriet Tubman.

Overall rating 7:10

Fighting Iron 1:…/Sc…/Fighting-Iron-Audiobook/B01DOFGP7O

Fighting Iron 2:…/…/Fighting-Iron-2-Audiobook/B01LZEJWMX


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