AudioBook Review – Arisen Finale

Epic Zombie Series

Michael Stephen Fuchs – Arisen – Narrated by R.C Bray


16 books, some over 10 hours in length… 160 hours plus in audio heaven. I promise, if you love zombies. This is just an amazing listen.

Originally I picked this series up over 2 years ago, you know the enticing box set of 3 books, (1 credit) 15 hours was just long enough for me to give it a try.

What I didn’t expect to happen did though, I fell in love with RC’s voice, and with the writers’ world and characters and was hooked… devouring all the series up to what was produced and written at the time.

I went on a very long and amazing journey with these guys and gals. I witnessed so much, felt every emotion going and I never wanted it to end.

When my driving job ended last year and I was waiting for book 13 and 14 to come out, I didn’t know it would then take me so long to listen through to the end, but I finally got through it, and I shared my reviews today.

Yes, I can’t help but gush, this series to me is a 10/10. Full 5 stars through till the end.

I could list all my reviews, but I won’t. – So, here’s my first and my last.

Do yourself a favour, get this series… today….


Books 1-3 Box set.

I have to admit, I’m a sci-fi girl, but I picked this up because I’d some credits to spare and liked that it’s 3 books in one. Bargain.

I liked the read up and being a Brit thought yey, someone who might actually get us a little. I did think that R.C struggled just a little in the first book with the brit accents, but by the time I’d got through to the third, I think he’d really settled into it and I began to enjoy the whole performance.

When the end of the world hits, there’s Britain and by sheer luck managed to batten down the hatches and stay alive….. that is until one of the zombies digs it’s way out the channel tunnel from France. (and what an ordeal for those still in the tunnel)

I have to say the characters also started out a bit flat. 2D kinda military people who just seemed to get on and do their job no matter what was thrown at them, but by the end of book 3, I’d started to really connect with them all. The military bravado is just that, a huge attempt to just get on with the really crap situations these guys just seemed to keep finding themselves in.

So, top and bottom of it. I enjoyed spending the 15 hours with these die-hard characters, so much so I went and bought the rest of the series. And am already on book 5 

Thanks to both narrator and writers, who together made a really good team, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.


Book 14

This was 18 hours of none stop pure adrenaline action and my heart couldn’t take it at some points. I could break down the story and the way this all came together, but the truth of the matter is I just can’t.

I felt everything these guys/gals went through, I got angry, I laughed, and I cried in buckets. There’s no emotion that this series can’t get, even sometimes a little frustration… these are serious military men in the hardest of situations and you kind of expect the utmost professionalism, but they show that humans are flawed and that being on the longest and most profound mission can make them do stupid things. I respected that and I enjoyed the fact that although we do want more from the men who serve, they are just people. 

What made this series so special for me from the get-go was just how epic I could see it was, and that it gave me something I’d not experienced before in audio.

These books and this adventure I will savour for a long time. As an audiobook fan and a writer, I will come back to these for the moments I remember and I’ll enjoy it again and again. (I do not do this, I usually don’t re-read or listen, too much to experience in life for that) but for this guy, this series and for RC’s performance, I’ll be back!

Awesome job, I am a fan of both this writer and narrator for life. Thank you so very much for a years worth of amazing stories to take me away somewhere exciting! off to find a new series to gobble up now…. I’m not sure I will be able too  tears of sadness here… guys. loved it.



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