AudioBook Review – Travail Online: Soulkeeper

Travail Online: Soulkeeper by Brian Simons
Narrated by Andrea Parsneau

As far as LITRPG goes, I would put this book somewhere in the beginning, near the tutorial as it were. I wanted to review this book to give the subject in question a shot. Badass seamstress? Alright, I’m in. Comes out a lot like it sounds, I’m afraid.
I am one who is very fond of the workings for Andrea Parsneau, and I love her voice acting in what she does. But I just could not get into the book. I listened to it several times and always zone out at the same part and miss everything else for the most part.
There are some sections at the beginning that are funny, you can see there is a sense of humour. Overall though, it is a book about a seamstress who kills monsters and makes armour. Honestly, I would be bored if it was anyone killing things and making armour.
Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some highlights in the actual story; the world-building has some very delicate and nice touches to it. Imagination is not really the problem, except maybe its abundance. The series may even out down the road, but I will leave that to another brave soul, as this one has defeated me.
It could just be me as Amazon is full of 3-4 star reviews that all love the book; however, all are new to LITRPG from the looks of it. However, like I said. Apparently, this is not my brand of soft drink.

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Have a great day!

Link –…/…/B06VY2Z2N7


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