AudioBook Review – The Ritualist

The Ritualist by Dakota Krout
Narrated by Vikas Adam
(Just buy the ebook)

I have a real love/hate relationship with this book. On one hand, really enjoy Dakota Krout’s work. On the other, this book is totally boring. At least that is what I thought until I accidentally left it playing last night and woke up an hour later into it than I usually stop listening. 
After back tracking, I found a lot of what the real problem was. Initially, I had blamed it on the prologue and first couple of chapters. Mr. Krout appears to use the old “ex marine as the MC” quick cash grab kind of story. However, after some research I find out, he was actually in the army. He is a vet, ok! Well now, I feel like a smacked ass indeed.
I continue to listen to the book with as much of a non-biased view as I can manage as this creeping thought worms its way into my head: “this book is boring”. That’s when I realize the mixing for Vikas is terrible, honestly. I use a 600 watt stereo system to do my audiobook reviews with, that is less than 5 feet away from me. I could barely hear a large portion of the book as there are screen prompts Vikas decided to read as Hans from the Divine Dungeon series. This voice is usually immediately followed by some inane shouting that scares the living daylights out of me. Terrible mixing all around for the audio.
It’s a shame really, as the book opens up into this funny and action-packed world taking a completely separate but just as detailed view of the gaming universe. Since our main character is a human and uses actual stats, they come into effect as much as any regular game. Even slowing him from encumbrance due to not enough strength or stamina. If you can get over the terrible mixing job, then try the audiobook.
Me, personally, I’m going to buy the ebook instead and skip the middleman. Don’t try to catch lightning in a bottle twice. Vikas worked for Divine Dungeon, should have gotten a new voice.
Have a great day!


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