AudioBook Review – The undying mercenaries saga

The undying mercenaries saga

By B. V. Larson

Narrated by Mark Boyett


The Undying Mercenaries saga follows the life of James McGill. A young college dropout (due to inability to pay rather than life choice) who is forced to join the world’s largest export service: Galactic Federation Marines. According to B.V. Larson, the world as we know it might someday be visited by aliens who come, not to show us a better way of life; they come to tell us we need to offer up something unique or be destroyed.

The Galactic Federation runs a group called Hegemony which regulates the enterprises of each planet to ensure only one planet is responsible for producing each resource. Earth’s are marines, well mercenaries really. Alien planets hire Earthling mercenaries to arrive and do battle for them against another alien race or as protection, whatever you can think of hiring a mercenary for pretty much.

Earth’s forces are able to provide the galaxy with an unlimited number of troops by using an alien made “birthing chamber” to continually spit out frontline troops. Bored yet? I know, welcome to the world of B
V. Larson. Amazing stories, very long-winded lectures on why they exist.

The first book in the series (Steel World) and the 4th in the series (Machine World) are my personal favorites. In the first book, you meet James McGill, his sidekick Carlos, and his on-again-off-again girlfriend named Natasha. James meets all of them during the Legion Veris boot camp where they are all trained, suited and booted for their first mission….against Dinosaurs!

No joke, space-age, laser beam rifle-wielding battalions of Dinosaur infantry. What a total badass way to start a series. It is then immediately followed by the worst book in the series (Dust World), I suggest you avoid it and jump to book three. You’ll thank me later.

Machine World, or book 4 finds James McGill not only survived the other three. He is on his way to Promotion! (Read that like Neebs, if you don’t know who that is shame on you) Legion Veris is dispatched to a gas giant planet which is systematically covered in ice. The troops are trained on massive mech-warrior style battle rigs that can devastate the enemy on a whole new level. As with anything else from Larson the story only gets better as you go on.

If any of this sounds appealing, do yourself the favor and check out the series. What an amazing story and just enough politics to put you to sleep (if you have any trouble that is).

If you enjoyed reading this review please comment and let us know! Even if you didn’t like it, let us know. Believe me, I have to read stuff I don’t like sometimes either and you all hear about it!

As always, live long and prosper.


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