Ebook Review – First Song

First Song, Book One (Anthem of Infinity 1)

Wow, just wow. I’ll start off by saying that First Song is my first non-video game related GameLit novel. I was not disappointed by any means. I’ll also try not to give away any unnecessary spoilers because the surprise is what really hooked me into this book.

I will agree with others that the first 25% of the book was tough to read. The main character, Noah, is difficult to sympathize with. He’s portrayed as a really weak, self-deprecating you adult. He doesn’t speak up and allows others to make choices for him. Again, it’s hard to trod through but if you can make it to that 25% mark, you are in for a treat.

At 25% is where the book takes off into fifth gear. I was completely surprised and taken unaware by the shift of perspective. My one hint, reread the book’s blurb. In hindsight, the author brazenly foreshadows the plot twist. That’s all for spoilers. The book is well written and the pacing, post-25%, makes it worth the read.

With book two of Anthem of Infinity, my hope and expectation are more exposure to the Aelves and The Voice. Make it through that first 25%. To quote a fallen movie star, “Just do it!”


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